Jerk Alert M1 Billet Aluminum!
Spring Loaded quick installation!Jerk Alert M1 Billet Aluminum!

The JERK ALERT by Alert Werks


The Jerk Alert is a revolutionary training device.  The Jerk Alert causes muscle memory of the correct shooting process and aids in safe training.

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Product Description

Q1 Clips on quickly!
Q1 Clips on quickly!
- M1 on AR weaver rail
– M1 on AR weaver rail

M1 Jerk Alert:
Weight – 1.7oz (50grams)
Size – 1.75″ x 1.125″ x 1.125″ (45mm x 28mm x 27mm)

Q1 Jerk Alert:
Weight – 1.1oz (32grams)
Size – 1.75″ x 1.25″ x 1.125″ (45mm x 34mm x 28mm)

HOW IT WORKS¬† – The Jerk Alert is a revolutionary training device. The Jerk Alert causes muscle memory of the correct shooting process. While the shooter is moving the weapon, the Jerk Alert beeps. As the shooter steadies the weapon the beeping stops and Jerk Alert arms itself, awaiting the trigger press. Through highly sensitive electronics, the Jerk Alert will recognize a dry fire or a live fire as well as a Jerk. If the shooter moves the weapon during the trigger press, he/she will hear the Jerk Alert Alarm for a split second. Also, in the event of a Jerk, the LED will stay lit until the Jerk Alert arms again once the gun is steady. If the shooter is able to successfully press the trigger without setting off the alarm, he/she will hear the Jerk Alert return to the “unarmed mode” and can reacquire a target. A shooter can repeatedly practice until the muscle memory is built to avoid setting the Jerk Alert alarm off.


Faster learning through audible muscle memory corrections
Recognize what stance produces the least movement
Correct your grip to acquire the least movement as possible
Achieve a perfectly balanced and motionless posture
Become more proficient with strong hand and week hand shooting
Teach new and inexperienced shooters what is required to consistently hit a target
Teaches critical information about a shooters habits
Will increase awareness of proper technique even when an instructor is unavailable
Everyday we are finding new uses for this innovative training tool. The Jerk Alert will help even experienced shooters to evaluate their movements, grips, stance, posture and assist in improvement.


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Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 in
Model Select

Jerk Alert M1 – Aluminum Body, Jerk Alert Q1 – Composite Quick Install


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