"Don't Jerk The Trigger"
If you haven’t heard it before,
you haven’t been shooting before

A trigger jerk is a mis-manipulation of the trigger, The Jerk Alert Will TEACH You to Control It.

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Nothing Else Like it in The WORLD

Why Do You Miss Your Target?

Everyone Needs To Be Trained to Shoot Straight

A trigger jerk is a mis-manipulation of the trigger causing the shot to go somewhere other than its intended location on the target, usually low and to the inside of the shooter’s firing hand. Often a “flinch” is confused with a trigger jerk because the resulting shot impacts at an unintended location as well. The Jerk Alert description here..

The Jerk Alert Live trainer


The physical response is usually exemplified by the shooter closing their eyes while pulling the trigger and simultaneously pushing the gun away from the head and eyes. This action more often than not moves the muzzle of the gun off the target decreasing the likelihood of success to almost non-existent.

Features of the Jerk Alert

Secures to Picatinny Rail.

  • Auto On/Off
  • Light Weight and Compact
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Works with Live Rounds or Dry Fire
  • Adjustable Sensitivity


Model M1 $149 and the Q1 $99

7 Day Money Back Guarantee.. If you're not satisfied with your purchase of the Jerk Alert, return it for a full refund.. "Shipping and handling not included"

  • Best Trigger Training Device on The Market
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Endorsed by Top Shooters

Our Satsified Customers

    • Sarah C

      I use the training device every morning and I love how much it has helped with my shooting

    • Steven S

      The Jerk Alert has not only taught me to shoot straighter and better, it helped me to transition smoother.

    • TJ S

      I was so impressed with how the Jerk Alert helped my wife shoot better that I bought all of my friends one for Christmas!

    • Zack T

      After using the Jerk Alert for just a couple of minutes I was able to quickly change my grip to ensure a more steady shot. Immediately my accuracy improved! Thanks Aaron for being a genius and changing my life forever...

    • Jeremy S

      I've used other training aids in the past but they were so complex I hardly used them and when I did use them they didn't allow me correct on the fly. Now, when I'm helping my students learn to hold the gun more steady, it only takes seconds with the Jerk Alert and they recognize where their weakness is. Once they recognize the weakness they can strengthen it. Then we can move on to more advanced training. It saves everyone time and money.

    • Steve B

      Thanks guys for an awesome product! My kids love using the Jerk Alert when they're target practicing. They shoot a lot less ammo and they actually hit what they're aiming for. It's entertaining for them to have an audible feedback of their movement and they're so elated when they hit their target. Thanks again

    • John G

      Fatigue plays a huge part in my shooting. With the Jerk Alert I could see that after 100 rounds of plate shooting, I needed to take a rest. I was just wasting ammo. After a 10 minute break, my strength was back and I could hold my gun rock steady. Now I take 5 minute breaks between strings so that I am fully prepared mentally and physically to tackle the course of fire.

    • Kyle C

      My wife and I go shooting about once a month. Her accuracy improved more in 30 seconds with the Jerk Alert than several hours and hundreds of rounds without it. She enjoys shooting so much more now that she's learned how and where to improve her shot. Best gun accessory purchase I have made bar none!

Instructional Video for The "JERK ALERT"

This revolutionary training device will change your JERK forever! The Jerk Alert will help you identify: pushing, pulling, twisting, jerking, flinching, thumbing and general body movement. Once you identify your weakness you can begin work correcting it.

Some Common Questions Answered Up Front

We understand you have questions, this product is new and an extraordinarily powerful training device. Below you will find our customers common questions followed by answers. If you don't see an answer to your question, please send us an email and we'll be happy to answer for you..

Q1: How do I change the tone of my new Jerk Alert?

A: To change the tone of the Jerk Alert you will need to enter the "Tone Menu". Start by removing the Jerk Alert from your weapon, for safety. Turn your Jerk Alert on and press and hold the center of the volume button for 2 seconds. Now the Jerk Alert will change tones as you rotate it. Practice changing tones by rotating it in all directions and you will find different tones. A beeping tone indicates that the Jerk Alert will make noise while in motion once this selection is made. A solid tone indicates that the Jerk Alert will be silent while moving but the Jerk Alert's "LOCKED ON" beep and buzzer will be audible. To save the tone you like simply press the power button off and then back on. And that's it, have fun with your new tones.

Q2: How do I charge my Jerk Alert?

A: To charge your Jerk Alert, simply plug it into any micro usb charging cable. If the light is flashing quickly, then the Jerk Alert is charging. If the light flashes on for two seconds then your Jerk Alert is ready to go and fully charged. A good way to test if the Jerk Alert's battery is low is to set it on a flat surface and turn it on. Set the sensitivity to 3. If the Jerk Alert arms but immediately sounds the buzzer then the battery is low and could use a charge. The Jerk Alert will still work above setting 3

Q3: Do I need to charge my Jerk Alert before I use it for the first time?

A: You do not need to charge your Jerk Alert before it's initial use. We do recommend that you charge it before it's initial use solely for the purpose of having the tool reliably work for you while practicing. If the Jerk Alert arms but immediately sounds the buzzer then the battery is low and could use a charge. The Jerk Alert will still work above setting 3.

Q4: How Much Does the Jerk Alert Weigh?

A: 1.75oz

Q5: How soon do you ship my Jerk Alert after I complete the order process?

A: We ship out all orders placed before 2pm Arizona time. If you need additional service to ensure quick delivery, please call us to see if we are able to oblige.

Q6: My Jerk Alert is not working right. What do I do?

A: If you feel your Jerk Alert is malfunctioning, please contact us as soon as you can and we will help solve your problem. If we can not solve the problem over the phone or through email, we will have you send it back to us to determine the cause. Our typical turn around time for service is 2 days once we receive it.

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